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JULY 15, 2022


Because He Could Not Buy June Mayoral Election, Desperate Longtime Republican Billionaire Deploys Deceptive Attack Against Civil Rights Attorney

LOS ANGELES, CA -- On the heels of spending a whopping $40 million to be rejected by voters in the June primary election for Mayor, today former anti-choice billionaire Rick Caruso is planning to hold a press conference to promote a desperate lie about civil rights attorney Faisal Gill, the first-place finisher in the June election for LA City Attorney.

Gill released the following statement in response:

"It’s no surprise that after being rejected by voters in the June election for Mayor, billionaire Rick Caruso is engaging in fear-mongering tactics - and is deploying a strategy pulled directly from the Trump playbook - to lie, mislead and deceive voters about my plans to transform Los Angeles.  

Rick: you may be filthy rich, but no amount of money can change the truth. Never did I say I would not prosecute egregious crimes as City Attorney. 

The crimes Caruso lists that I allegedly won’t prosecute are entirely fabricated, made up out of whole cloth. What I will do is implement common sense mental health diversions for minor offenses, and do a top-to-bottom evaluation of my office’s policies - something I would expect any new executive would do. If Rick Caruso wants to ignore our city’s mental health crisis, that’s his prerogative, but he doesn’t have to lie about my policies to do so.


Our courts are severely clogged with many low-level crimes. In fact, the top three misdemeanor charges brought in LA are for public intoxication, simple DUIs, and 'other.' 

My policy is focused on certain minor crimes—like loitering, drug possession, minor in possession of alcohol, failure to pay a parking ticket, and failure to appear in court. For these offenses, I plan to develop innovative new mental health diversion programs that address underlying issues without giving someone who is not a danger to society the life-sentence of a criminal record.

But my plan clearly states that I will prosecute crimes that are egregious or time-sensitive—including assault, domestic battery and theft. Caruso is once again outright lying about my record by insisting otherwise.

This is yet another reason why Angelenos can’t elect a Republican billionaire as our Mayor.”

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