Environmental Justice

Climate change is the single biggest threat facing our nation right now. Extreme weather events have already begun to displace people around the world and have already had a profound impact on the lives of Angelenos. As the next City Attorney, I will recognize the role large corporations play in the climate crisis and, when applicable, I will sue those corporations that violate environmental laws. This includes joining other cities in suing oil companies for their role in accelerating climate change. 

We also need bold and progressive action from our City Council. The city attorney plays a crucial role in advising city council and can help shape the work that city councilors do. It is my hope that the city council will pursue the following policies:

  • Move Los Angeles’ timeline to get to a clean energy grid up from 2050 to 2030.

  • Require all newly built residential housing units to be powered by renewable energy.

  • A ban on any new fossil fuel infrastructure.