Holding the Los Angeles Police Department Accountable

We cannot continue to let the LAPD police themselves. In order to gain the trust of the public, there must be an independent body that investigates all police complaints.  For decades, police have been putting forth the “broken windows theory” - that visible signs of crime will encourage more crime.  Now it is time to apply the “broken windows theory” to the police themselves. We must address every small police transgression so they don’t lead to a police officer committing more heinous acts.  In almost all cases, police have not been held accountable for racial bias and excessive force, which has encouraged more incidents of racial bias and excessive force. 

We need to amend the LA City Charter to have the Inspector General’s office investigate all incidents of police misconduct.  We need to remove Internal affairs from the police department and have all complaints investigated by an independent inspector general’s office with its own staff and its own investigators.  We cannot let the police police themselves.