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Protect the Rights of Immigrants

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As an immigrant, it is my core belief that every single person who comes to the United States seeking a better life should have a shot at it. As City Attorney, I will work to make sure that every person who is detained has access to an attorney. 


I will work to reign in the aggressive, unconstitutional actions taken by ICE and protect vulnerable communities from unwarranted harassment and detainment. I support the suspension of ICE enforcement and the release of detainees from ICE facilities. I will also file amicus briefs supporting appropriate lawsuits against ICE/CBP. 


Additionally, if I am elected City Attorney, I will ensure that prosecutors consider a person’s immigration status when determining how a non-violent but deportable case should be resolved. For example, a DUI is a deportable offense. A DUI is a serious charge -- but, one that hundreds of thousands of Americans with legal status are charged with each year. These folks suffer legal consequences; however, these consequences do not include being ripped from one’s home, family and job or being sent back to a potentially dangerous and desperate environment in another nation. Any case that impacts a person’s ability to stay in the United States will be supervised and signed off on by the departmental head.


The simple truth is that immigrants should not receive harsher punishments than US citizens for their offenses. I will ensure that fair and equal treatment under the law extends to immigration status, alongside other protected categories. 


Protect the Right to Protest

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The right to protest is a fundamental First Amendment right. As City Attorney, I will not under any circumstances prosecute peaceful protestors. Prosecuting protestors does not serve justice nor does it make our communities safer. As public servants, we have a responsibility to listen to the concerns protesters are raising and commit to working constructively with them towards a solution.


There are several charges that, unfortunately, have often been used by the City against protestors. These “crimes” include: unlawful assembly (California Penal Code 407 & 408), a misdemeanor which carries a maximum sentence of 6 months, trespassing on private property (PC 602), which can be either an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, and obstruction of pedestrian or vehicular traffic (California Vehicle Code 21950). My office will not prosecute any of these misdemeanor charges against protestors carrying out their legal First Amendment rights – no matter who or what they are protesting.


Health Care is a Human Right

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When I was growing up, my family did not have health insurance. Like so many families throughout the United States, trips to the doctor were only made out of medical necessity. In fact, I did not have health insurance until I was 25 years old.

These life experiences are far too common. The extreme costs of health care have created huge inequalities, and it’s time we recognize that health care is a human right. No one should have to forgo medical treatment because they cannot afford it. As Los Angeles City Attorney, I will be an outspoken advocate for single-payer health care. We must pass AB 1400, so that every family in California can receive the medical help that they need without struggling to make ends meet.


Facilitate LGBTQIA+ Justice

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As City Attorney, I will be a dedicated advocate for the Los Angeles LGBTQIA+ population. I will work to further build upon the gains that have been made, and foster the community’s growth in which the equal rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals are respected, their voices celebrated and their input valued. 


Additionally, I will work with other city officials to implement programs that provide social and supportive services to those who have been the victims of hate crimes based upon their gender or sexual orientation, as well as programs intended to prevent such crimes. 


I will also create an accessible and user-friendly reporting tool for victims of gender and/or sexual orientation-based violence and discrimination, which will protect the privacy and respect the wishes of victims, so that the experiences of survivors can be acknowledged and addressed appropriately. 


Perhaps most importantly, I will make sure to build a diverse and inclusive City Attorney’s office, which reflects the wide-ranging identities of the people of Los Angeles. We will not be able to ensure equity in the criminal justice system unless the people who enforce that system are themselves representatives of the varied communities that make up our city. 


Increase AAPI Community Outreach

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I will make it a priority to continually reach out to the wide-ranging communities that make up the Los Angeles Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) coalition. Members of this community have been particularly vulnerable to racialized abuse and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is unacceptable. As someone who has been targeted with abuse because of my religion and the way I look, I know how critical it is that the City Attorney office partners with community leaders and organizations and works collaboratively to address the needs of AAPI Angelenos and protect, build and support our communities.