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JANUARY 3, 2022


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Endorsement from California Legislative Black Caucus Chair, State Senator and Public Safety Committee Chair, Steven Bradford Highlights Enthusiasm for Progressive Civil Rights Attorney Faisal Gill's Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Injecting a fresh dose of momentum into his campaign to be Los Angeles' next City Attorney, today civil rights attorney Faisal Gill received a sought-after endorsement from State Senator Steven Bradford. 

A leader in the criminal justice reform movement, Senator Bradford serves as Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus and as Chair of the State Senate's Public Safety Committee. He is also the author of the groundbreaking SB2, California's police decertification law, which Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law just months ago.

In making public his endorsement of Faisal Gill for L.A. City Attorney, Senator Steven Bradford released the following statement:

"We've made significant strides at the state level on criminal justice reform, but equally important, we need to elect local leaders into positions of law enforcement so that they can embrace and enact many of these new reform policies. That's why, as the author of California's SB2, the police decertification law, I don't take this endorsement lightly. I am proud to endorse Faisal Gill because he will bring much-needed progressive reforms to the L.A. City Attorney's office. Justice, for all people and all communities, will be what guides Faisal's agenda as L.A.'s next City Attorney."

The powerful endorsement comes on the heels of Gill recently releasing a series of new documentary-style digital video ads 
featuring Gill’s conversations with unhoused Angelenos.

The videos, titled “Tyshawn”, “Kiana”, “Geary”, highlight Gill’s pioneering, compassionate vision for the LA City Attorney Office’s response to the City’s homelessness crisis by featuring the stories of unhoused Angelenos describing how they came to be homeless.

To view the ads, click on the images below:












































Previously, Gill released a digital ad titled "Progressive Approach" that highlights the failures of L.A.'s approach in criminalizing homelessness as well as his plans to help fix the broken system.

To view Faisal Gill's new ad "Progressive Approach", 
click here or on the image below:



















Notably, Gill has earned key endorsements from U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass, Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Congressman Ro Khanna, State Senator Sydney Kamlager, State Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, and the California College Democrats, among scores of others.

Faisal Gill is an immigrant, civil rights attorney, husband, and father who lives in Los Angeles, California. As a civil rights attorney, Faisal has taken on clients who faced discrimination from the federal government, state governments, immigration enforcement, police departments, and their employers. He hopes to bring his perspective as an immigrant and civil rights attorney to the office of LA City Attorney and restore trust and transparency in local government. 

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