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APRIL 15, 2021

Video of LAPD Abuse Made Public After Gill’s Victory Against City Attorney

ICYMI: Civil Rights Attorney Faisal Gill Wins Court Battle Against LA City Attorney’s Office to Disclose Video Showcasing LAPD Abuse

Last week, the LAPD was ordered to
publicly release a video showing two officers unjustly profiling and arresting music producer Antone Austin and his girlfriend outside their Hollywood home. The LAPD was responding to a domestic violence incident in which the suspect was the white boyfriend of their neighbor, and violently arrested Antone, who is Black, ignoring the neighbor’s pleas that he was not her assailant. 

The video was released after civil rights attorney Faisal Gill emerged victorious in a legal battle with the LA City Attorney’s office, who fought to keep the video hidden from the public. 

Gill, who is also a candidate for Los Angeles City Attorney, is representing Austin in his lawsuit alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations against the LAPD. 

The harrowing video was picked up by numerous media outlets throughout the country, including:

Good Morning America:


Los Angeles Times:

LA Times_Faisal Gill_News.png


ABC 7_Faisal Gill_News.png


Yahoo_Faisal Gill_News.png


People_Faisal Gill_News.png

In a statement released reflecting on the video being made public, Gill commented:

“It was racial profiling. They had no description of the suspect — a completely blank slate. They literally saw the first Black man, and they arrested him.

As a civil rights attorney, I have frequently represented clients at no cost who have sought to take on police departments or other law enforcement agencies. I have seen firsthand the price people in our community like Antone pay from LAPD abuse and the subsequent inaction or obstruction of our local leaders.

That’s why I’m running to transform the City Attorney's office to bring real accountability to the LAPD. As LA's City Attorney, I will never initiate the withholding of police body camera footage unless doing so would endanger someone’s life. Additionally, I'll fight for a charter change that abolishes the LAPD internal affairs group and hands increased investigative authority to the Office of the Inspector General.  

We must take on abuse wherever it exists and restore trust in City Hall.”


Faisal Gill is an immigrant, civil rights attorney, husband, and father who lives in Los Angeles, California. Throughout his career as an attorney, Faisal has been determined to help those who face discrimination from our government, within our immigration systems, and from their employers. 

Gill formally announced his campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney three weeks ago by releasing potent endorsements from powerhouse Congressmembers Karen Bass, Ro Khanna, and Ilhan Omar.


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