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MARCH 29, 2021



Civil Rights Attorney Raises Over $100K in Los Angeles City Attorney Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA -- On the heels of kicking off his campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney, today Faisal Gill, a local civil rights attorney, announced that his campaign had raised over $100,000 just five days after launching his campaign.

Upon making public his fundraising numbers, Gill released the following statement:

“I’m incredibly thrilled and humbled by this early outpouring of support. I'm tremendously grateful to the working people, activists, small business owners and community leaders who have contributed to our campaign so far. This milestone is the first of many we hope to achieve as we work to expand our coalition and build a movement across every corner of Los Angeles to deliver the change we need in this city.  I look forward to continuing to learn from and listen to community leaders and advancing forward-thinking and pragmatic ideas throughout this campaign.”

Previously, Gill formally announced his campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney by releasing potent endorsements from powerhouse Congressmembers Karen Bass, Ro Khanna, and Ilhan Omar, and launching a video ad titled "Do Better”.

To view "Do Better", click here or on the screenshot below:














Gill launched his bid for LA City Attorney by releasing the following statement:

“Los Angeles, at its best, is a city of opportunity, a place that shines brightest when every community can thrive. Our city government has long aspired to deliver on that vision - but we cannot get there unless all Angelenos feel protected under the law. That’s why I am running for Los Angeles City Attorney to bring real accountability to the LAPD, push for progressive and pragmatic reforms, take on corruption wherever it exists, and restore trust to the office. 
For decades, police have been putting forth the 'broken windows theory' - that visible signs of crime will encourage more crime. During the same time, police have not been held accountable for racial bias and excessive force, which has encouraged more incidents of racial bias and excessive force. Now is time to apply the broken windows theory to the police themselves. We must confront and address every police transgression so they don’t lead to a problematic police officer committing more heinous acts.
As City Attorney, I will set my sights on criminal justice reform first and foremost - starting with advocating for a charter change that abolishes the LAPD internal affairs group and hands increased investigative authority to the Office of the Inspector General. This will bring about real accountability to the LAPD, ensuring that all use of force complaints will be heard by a fair, independent body. 
I am also committed to reducing the number of petty misdemeanors handed out by the city that hold working-class people back with little to no public safety value. Additionally, I am dedicated to ensuring that Los Angeles stops criminalizing and prosecuting people simply for being unhoused, as our city’s homelessness crisis cannot be remedied through the criminal justice system. And as City Attorney, I will not prosecute peaceful protestors, which absolutely does not serve justice or make our community safer.
As a civil rights attorney, I have frequently represented clients at no cost who have sought to take on police departments or other law enforcement agencies. I have seen firsthand the price our communities pay from the inaction or obstruction of our local leaders. We need a new direction in LA. We need leadership that will represent the people - not the police.
It is time for a more responsive, efficient and effective city government that better responds to the needs of everyday Angelenos. It is time for a City Attorney who will be the people’s lawyer. Join me, and together let’s bring accountability to the LA City Attorney’s office and ensure justice for all.”


Faisal Gill is an immigrant, civil rights attorney, husband, and father who lives in Los Angeles, California. As a civil rights attorney, Faisal has taken on clients who faced discrimination from the federal government, state governments, immigration enforcement, and police departments.

Throughout his career as an attorney, Faisal has been determined to help those who face discrimination from our government, within our immigration systems, and from their employers. He hopes to bring his perspective as an immigrant and civil rights attorney to the office of LA City Attorney and restore trust and transparency in local government. 


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