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Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell 
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Pastor Welton Pleasant II
Pastor William D. Smart Jr.
Pastor K.W. Tulloss
Jody Armour
, Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law at the University of Southern California 
Jasmyne Cannick, LACDP Delegate 
Michael Ebenkamp, North Hills East Neighborhood Council President
Arturo Flores, LACDP Delegate
Christine Hallquist, Executive Director of the Vermont Community Broadband Board*
Eunisses Hernandez, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate
Fran Jemmott, Founder of California Black Women’s Health Project & Former Directors of the Liberty Hill Foundation*
Daymond Johnson, Empowerment Congress Central President

Hans Johnson, East Area Progressive Democrats
Mansoor Khan, Echo Park Neighborhood Council President
Torie Osborn, Former Executive Director of the L.A. LGBT Center and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force*

Mustafaa Tajuddin, former PICO Neighborhood Council President
Furkan Yalcin, North Westwood Neighborhood Council President​​​​

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"I am proud to endorse my friend Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. I have known Faisal for over a decade, he will work hard for the people of Los Angeles, be a champion for criminal justice reform, and a fighter for progressive policies. The next city attorney will face many tough issues and I am confident that Faisal has the experience and compassion to meet these challenges head on.”

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“I am endorsing Faisal Gill to be the next City Attorney of Los Angeles. The position of City Attorney has never been more important. We have seen hate crimes - especially against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - skyrocket in the last few years and it is crucial that we elect a City Attorney who will stand up for the AAPI community. Faisal will be that person and I am proud to support him in his bid for LA City Attorney.”



"I am proud to support my friend Faisal Gill in his campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney. We need a City Attorney who will hold law enforcement accountable, end the criminalization of homelessness, and stop the misdemeanor machine. I know Faisal will be committed to supporting and implementing progressive policies that help every day Los Angelenos. He is the right choice for the next City Attorney of Los Angeles.”

Congressmember Ilhan Omar Official.jpeg


"Today, I am proud to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s race is crucial to our criminal justice reform efforts. Faisal Gill is a bold and progressive voice for those efforts, justice, and accountability. As an immigrant and civil rights attorney, Faisal will bring accountability, transparency, and change to the City Attorney’s office. Faisal will be committed on day one to serving the people - not the police - and fighting for meaningful changes to the city’s legal practices.”

Keith Ellison.jpg


“The Los Angeles City Attorney’s race is crucial to our fight for equity and justice. Faisal Gill will be a leader in this fight and deliver on progressive change. Today, I am proud to endorse my friend Faisal Gill for LA City Attorney. I believe he has the right prescriptions to the inequalities facing Angelenos.”

Sydney Kamlager.jpg


“I proudly endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. I applaud his bold and consistent commitment to reforming our broken policing and criminal justice systems. As an attorney, Faisal has worked pro bono to defend and uplift disadvantaged communities and hold police accountable for abuse. I trust he'll be an effective force for transparent change as Los Angeles’s next City Attorney.”

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“We've made significant strides at the state level on criminal justice reform, but equally important, we need to elect local leaders into positions of law enforcement so that they can embrace and enact many of these new reform policies. That's why, as the author of California's SB2, the police decertification law, I don't take this endorsement lightly. I am proud to endorse Faisal Gill because he will bring much-needed progressive reforms to the L.A. City Attorney's office. Justice, for all people and all communities, will be what guides Faisal's agenda as L.A.'s next City Attorney.”

Isaac Bryan_1.jpeg


“I am excited to endorse Faisal Gill for City Attorney because we need leaders in City Hall who will fight for a more just and equitable Los Angeles. As a civil rights attorney, Faisal has been a life-long advocate for people facing discrimination, and I am confident that he will bring that same compassion and courage to the City Attorney’s office. From holding the police accountable for misconduct to decriminalizing poverty, Faisal shares a value set that will enable him to enact changes to the office that will directly benefit our communities. I am excited to support his campaign and look forward to seeing him serve as our next City Attorney in Los Angeles.”

Reggie Jones-Sawyer_Headshot.jpg


“I am excited to endorse Faisal Gill in the race for Los Angeles City Attorney. Faisal’s career as a civil rights attorney is a testament to his ability to deliver pivotal reforms to our criminal justice system from day one, including decriminalizing homelessness, holding the LAPD accountable, enacting critical misdemeanor reform, and protecting the rights of our most vulnerable communities. I am absolutely confident that Faisal will meet this moment and act with urgency to transform the City Attorney’s office to restore public trust and achieve justice for all.”

Holly Mitchell.jpeg


“I am thrilled to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. Los Angeles needs more leaders with a progressive vision when it comes to criminal justice reform - who will not be afraid to hold the LAPD accountable and combat the criminalization of poverty. I am confident that as LA’s City Attorney, Faisal will help make our city more equitable and just for all, and I am proud to stand alongside him in creating this change.”

Ali Taj_Artesia Mayor.jpg


“I am proud to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. I trust that Faisal has the necessary experience to bring accountability and transparency to the City Attorney’s office. Faisal has a long history of helping those who have faced discrimination, and I am confident that he will continue to fight for Angelenos as City Attorney.”

Pastor Welton Pleasant II copy.png


“Throughout his career as a civil rights attorney, Faisal has courageously defended people from discrimination from some of the most powerful elements of our society, including the federal government, state governments, immigration enforcement, and police departments.  We need someone with this kind of backbone in the LA City Attorney’s office, fighting to ensure real accountability for police violence and decriminalize homelessness. I have faith that Faisal Gill is the quality of person to be a pioneering, compassionate City Attorney.  I wholeheartedly endorse him and look forward to helping him get elected.”

Pastor William D. Smart Jr.jpeg


“I am excited to announce my support for Faisal Gill’s campaign because his decades-long commitment to confronting discrimination at all levels and improving our legal system to ensure justice for all is precisely what we need leading the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. I’m confident that Faisal will work tirelessly to decriminalize homelessness and ensure real accountability for police abuse. I’m pleased to endorse his campaign for City Attorney, and look forward to partnering with him in the future.”

Pastor K.W. Tulloss_1.jpeg


“I am thrilled to today endorse Faisal Gill’s campaign for LA City Attorney because he has been a committed champion for equal justice for all and I know he will be unafraid to take bold positions on behalf of marginalized communities. As City Attorney, Faisal will crack down on predatory businesses, decriminalize poverty, and finally ensure real accountability for misconduct committed by the LAPD. I know that in City Hall, Faisal will continue to be a tireless and innovative fighter for a fairer justice system that works for everyone.”

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SEIU 2015

“Faisal Gill has a solid history of defending working people and marginalized communities to ensure equal justice for all. That's why the members of California's largest local union are proud to endorse Faisal for Los Angeles City Attorney. He has demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to public safety and we know we can count on him to fight for the rights of our members, combat the criminalization of poverty, and help make our city more equitable and just.”



“The National Union of Healthcare Workers is proud to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. As our members continue to grapple with the pandemic, we need bold leaders who not only understand our struggles, but will fight to defend and enhance the rights and workplace protections we have in place. Faisal is that leader in the race for City Attorney, and we are confident that he will use all the tools at his disposal to protect and uplift our members at City Hall when elected. For these reasons and many more, we are with Faisal 100%.”



“Throughout his career as a civil rights attorney, Faisal Gill has been a strong supporter of working families and other marginalized communities, proving himself as a leader we can count on. That’s why CFA-LA is excited to endorse his campaign for City Attorney and looks forward to working with him in moving the city forward. We are confident that at this critical moment, Faisal will help shepherd in a new era for our criminal justice system, issuing critical reforms to ensure the LA City Attorney's Office works for everyday Angelenos. We know we can count on Faisal to protect our members and other working families, ensuring they aren’t exploited by their employers, the LAPD or financial scams and look forward to helping him get elected.”



“Faisal has already demonstrated that his commitment to Black women goes beyond lip service.  He has Black women in leadership on his campaign and that shows us that he values our expertise and input. We believe if you are going to run for office, you should have some good ideas and way to get them done.  Faisal has presented a number of much needed reforms in the City Attorney’s office including ending the practice of rubber stamping and covering up for the LAPD.  LAAAWPAC is proud to join a long list of other Black women supporting Faisal for the office of City Attorney.”

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"End Police Brutality PAC is thrilled to endorse Faisal Gill for LA City Attorney because he is a seasoned, unrelenting champion for justice and accountability for survivors of police abuse. Faisal not only refuses to take a dime from police unions, but he has also demonstrated his commitment to holding police accountable and ending police brutality throughout his legal career - and he'll continue fighting for justice as Los Angeles’s City Attorney. We’re with him 100%.”

California College Democrats CCD.png


“The California College Democrats are proud to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. We are confident that Faisal will fight tirelessly for bold progressive reforms that protect our futures and make Los Angeles more fair and just. Faisal will move the City Attorney’s office forward by pushing for bold solutions to our climate crisis and reforming our broken criminal justice system, particularly by decriminalizing homelessness and ensuring real accountability for the LAPD. We look forward to supporting Faisal in building this movement for progress and helping him get elected.”

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“The Bruin Democrats are thrilled to endorse Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney. We are confident that Faisal will be an innovative leader on necessary criminal justice reforms, including ending the inhumane criminalization of unhoused people, holding corporations accountable for polluting our communities, providing real accountability for police misconduct, and ensuring a fair and just misdemeanor process. Our members are proud to support Faisal because his bold, forward-thinking agenda will root out corruption and transform the City Attorney’s office.”