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"Los Angeles, at its best, is a city of opportunity, a place that shines brightest when every community can thrive. I am running for Los Angeles City Attorney to bring real accountability to the LAPD, push for progressive and pragmatic reforms, take on corruption wherever it exists, and restore trust to the office. Join me, and together let’s bring accountability to the LA City Attorney’s office and ensure justice for all."

- Faisal Gill

Restoring the public trust starts with accountability and oversight—that's why Faisal signed the No Cop Money Pledge. The City Attorney is not elected to defend the police; they are elected to defend the city of Los Angeles and the people that make up that city.

From reducing the number of misdemeanor charges to ending cash bail and enhancing opportunities for resentencing, there are many steps we can take to ensure our criminal justice system operates fairly and equitably.

The City Attorney's office plays a crucial role in addressing the homelessness epidemic. Faisal will work to end the criminalization of homelessness, advocate for supportive services to reduce homelessness, and fight for affordable housing. 

Faisal is committed to holding corporations and polluters responsible across Los Angeles and he will fight to ensure environmental justice for the communities hardest hit by pollution and climate change.

As City Attorney, Faisal will protect the rights of immigrants and marginalized communities and ensure our civil rights like the right to protest are protected. 

One of the most important roles of the City Attorney is to serve as a watchdog for consumers and residents. Faisal will also protect workers and hold corporations accountable. 



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